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Requirements for program participants
Required Documents

Work & Travel Terms

Sponsor Work and Travel USA

Number of places (quotas) for participation in the Work and Travel program is defined by the US Congress. Then these places (quotas) are subject to be distributed by special organizations (sponsors) throughout the world. Number of quotas in the programs corresponds to the number of forms DS 2019, which are issued by the US Department of State to the sponsors. In this case, the word ''sponsoring organization'' should not be understood as financial support, but only as documentary support of the American side in getting the J-1 visa. Also, a sponsoring organization provides support for the participants in the United States and ensures the implementation of the rules of the program by the employer.

Form DS-2019

Form DS-2019 - is a two-page document, controlled by the US Department of State, which gives the right to participate in international exchange programs in the US and to receive a J-1 visa. It is also known as the ''Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status''. The presence of this document gives permission for the interview at the US Embassy or the Consular section for J visa to enter the United States. This type of document is granted only after registering in ''SEVIS'' (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). ''SEVIS'' - is a database of the Department of Homeland Security, designed to collect information about the owners of F, M and J visas. Blanks of DS-2019 form do not exist. Each DS-2019 form is printed with a unique identifier known as ''SEVIS ID number'' in the upper right corner, which consists of the symbol N and a set of numeric characters (max. 11 numeric characters). For example, N0003545123. Foreign nationals are required to sign the first page of the form, agreeing with the instructions related to the participation in an exchange program that are listed on the second page.

Job Offer Work and Travel

One of the key documents for Work and Travel USA participant, which contains information about the job, the employer and the place of work in the United States. Job Offer also indicates payment, job description, contact details of the employer and any additional information that is relevant to the job. To obtain a visa at the US Embassy, it is mandatory to provide job offer from a US employer.

Grace Period

After the end of the program, i.e., after the end date of the DS 2019, Immigration and Naturalization Service United States (INS) allows all participants a 30-day period for travel, which is called a “Grace period”. During these 30 days, the participants of the program will not have a J-1 status and are under the jurisdiction of the INS. That is, participants in the program during this period do not have the right to work, but have the right to organize their return home (getting the last checks, closing the accounts, etc.) and to travel only on the US territory.<

J-1 visa

J-1 visa - a non-immigrant entry visa for foreign students participating in the so-called cultural exchange programs. This visa defines the right of a foreign citizen to enter the country, and the allowable period of stay is set by another document - DS-2019 form. At the end of this period, the visa holder is provided with a so-called “grace period” for a period of 30 days, during which the visitor is allowed to stay in the US, but without any right to work. Also during this period, re-entry of the country on this visa is not allowed.

SEVIS system

SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) –computerized system that allows to record, coordinate, monitor, and account for the exchange visitors (J-1 visa), the students of schools and universities (J-1, F-1 visas) in the territory of the United States. This system allows the services – Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and the Department of State (DOS), to obtain information via the Internet about the dates of arrival/departure of the participants of the program to/from the United States, their places of residence, their work and any changes in the program. The cost of SEVIS system services is 35 US dollars. Each participant in the Work & Travel USA program is obliged to register in the database by entering their personal data, place of work and residence. The Sponsor requires that all participants in the Work & Travel USA program get registered in SEVIS within 20 days of the DS-2019 form becoming active. IMPORTANT: Registering in SEVIS is possible only after entering the territory of the United States. We require our students to contact us with 72 hours of arriving in the US


I-94 Automation: You will need a copy of your I-94 to apply for your Social Security number, so make sure to visit this website,, and follow the instructions for obtaining a paper copy of your I-94, as you will not be issued one upon arrival.

Social Security Number - SSN

Social Security Number - is a 9-digit number, which is indicated on the Social Security card and will be required for work and for opening a bank account in the US. Social Security is used by employers for withholding taxes from an employee. All Americans and foreign workers legally working in the United States have Social Security Number. Social Security number is issued once for life. If you lose your card, it gets restored to the same number. Upon arrival in America, each Work & Travel USA participant should personally contact one of the offices of Social Security. To learn about the locations of the offices, please visit Social Security Card becomes ready within 2-4 weeks after the it gets requested. The Card gets sent to you by mail to the address you provide in the US – the address of your residence or address of the employer.