Are you an active student who wants to see the beauty of the United States? Are you not sure how to spend the summer with maximum benefit for you? Are you ready to plunge into the ocean of positive emotions, new friendships, and to get a taste of independent life? Then you are on the right track!

Work and Travel – The highway to your dreams to explore the United States! Work & Travel USA - perhaps the most popular student exchange program, which gives a great chance to do an internship at the American enterprise in the US and to see the country 'from within'. They say 'try' American life! Hollywood ... Los Angeles ... Las Vegas ... Manhattan ... New York ... Miami ... Niagara Falls ... All these places are close and very real with the help of Work & Travel programs. Travel! Make new friends from different parts of the planet! Broaden the mind! Practice English! Gain new experiences! Discover America with Edtech International Summer “Work and Travel” (WT) USA is a program of international cultural exchange that allows students from different countries of the world to depart on summer vacations to the United States to work and travel. The USA Summer Work Travel J-1 visa program is one of the major Exchange Visitor Programs carried out pursuant to the U.S. Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. The primary purpose of the program is to acquaint foreign students with the culture and life of modern America and the distribution of other cultures among its inhabitants and to enhance understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries through educational and cultural exchanges. WT (as other J-1 visa programs) is regulated by the U.S. Department of State. WT programs are being carried out by US non-profit non-governmental organizations, so called program sponsors. During the most popular vacation/tourism period in the USA (May - September, and especially the beginning of September - Labor Day in the US) a lot of seasonal work opportunities (especially in seasonal resorts) are available in USA hotels, resorts, shops, cafes, ice-cream, confectionary and souvenir shops, , amusement parks, etc. US employers like hiring foreign students with J-1 visas for seasonal work. You choose WT program work period according to the date you can end your summer exam session at your university/college and the date your university and US Embassy request you to come back to School after summer vacations. Most of WT participants choose 3-month employment program period in USA. Seasonal US employers are also interested in such work period. Usually, at the end of work season, WT participants travel in the USA for some days or week/s by airplane, bus/coach, train, or car. Sometimes students buy a one-week bus ticket/pass (e.g., of “Greyhound” – a large US coach/bus company) which allows to choose the route and time of travel (you can get out in some area and continue your travel the next day/s). Thus, the “Work and Travel USA” program is indeed a very exciting program worth participating in! That‘s why the WT program is the most popular amongst students. Applicants should understand that the program's stipend or wages might not cover all of the program expenses, and applicants should bring additional personal funds to cover living expenses.

Participants say: In this amazingly diverse country, I had the chance to spend two of the best summers of my life! Travelling through 24 states from hot Alabama to the ‘world capital city’ of New York! Each state has struck me with its uniqueness, diversity of culture, landscape, ethnic flavor! America gave me the coolest memories! This is not just a vacation spent abroad. It is a real school of life and an important experience of a lifetime!

We offer you to become a part of the most popular program among students around the world. Just for you, a huge selection of jobs in the field of recreation and tourism. You have a wonderful opportunity to gain experience working in the US companies, which will become a greatly appreciated asset in the future, you will also improve English and find new friends from all over the world. You will gain a lot of incredible impressions and knowledge. Think about it – when will you have another fantastic chance to accomplish your American dream?